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Flat Roofing in Harrogate

When it comes to flat roofing in Harrogate, our expert roofers provide a number of unique design options and materials from which to choose. All our high performance mineral surfaces have specialised chippings integrated into the felt for ultimate thermal benefit, and at the other extreme are able to endure temperatures as low as -15°C.

Flat Roofing in Harrogate

Like with all of our other solutions, L.A-Roofers will examine your exact flat roofing needs. We work together with our customers to decide on the best system which can reduce costs over time and guarantee to enhance the robustness of your flat roof.

Qualified Roofers in Harrogate

Our time served roofers also carry out many other services such as flat roof repairs and rubber roofing. We abide by current CRC regulations making sure that quality is never sacrificed for price. And we keep in mind factors including appropriate drainage, any essential slopes and even sealing adjacent walls as dictated by current legislation.

We keep our customers up to date, even keeping a vigilant eye on the weather forecast to ensure no disruption to the customer or the customer’s home. The end result is always cost-effective flat roofing that can tolerate even the most demanding of climate conditions without having to sacrifice aesthetic appeal.

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Providing a cost effective solution for your flat roof, high performance felt roofing provides a traditional hard wearing surface that’s protected from UV radiation. Our felt roofing installers are properly trained and insured to complete hot works on your home, and the high performance systems we use will ensure a long life expectancy and include a manufacturers warranty for total assurance.

Felt Roofing is effective for all domestic flat roofs, including garage’s, extension’s, and shed roofs, specially when a long-lasting solution is needed. If you select a high performance felt roof for your flat roof, the staff at L.A-Roofers will install your new roof quickly, safely and efficiently, ensuring that your area is clean and tidy after we leave.

EPDM Roofing in Harrogate

EPDM is waterproof and weather resistant, delivering a modern alternative choice for all types of flat roofs which includes garages, single storey extensions and much more. If you are interested in collecting rain water, the EPDM material is not going to dirty your rainwater, ensuring it is suitable for personal use. A synthetic rubber, EPDM has a lengthy life expectancy and will flex to the climatic conditions making sure that it will never bend and break.

GRP Roofing in Harrogate

GRP, also referred to as fibreglass roofing, supplies flexibility in design while being a cost-effective way to protect against leaks into your office or home. As expert flat roof installers we are able to suggest the right flat roof solution for your property.

With a variety of colours and coatings available, a GRP roof is a toughened surface and is also suitable to be used as paths, terraces or balconies.

Liquid Resin Flat Roofing in Harrogate

If you need a roof covering that’s completely protected against the elements, weatherproof and waterproof, then liquid resin flat roofing from L.A-Roofers is the one for you. The resin is effortlessly applied to modernize your old roof, or can be installed on any new roofing job, delivering a waterproof, seamless barrier, defending your roof for years into the future.

Our liquid system roofs protect against UV damage and are offered in a choice of colours and designs, as well as being anti-slip should you want to use on walkways, terraces or balconies. Fast to install, your roof can look like new in no time at all.

Updating your existing flat roof? Liquid system roofs are suitable for roofs you need refurbishing. After evaluating you roof, the liquid resin can be applied onto your existing roof with a new guarantee, in some cases with no need to remove that old roof covering.